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Continuous Remote patient monitoring for HIV Patients

Because minor fluctuations can have major impact on patients with compromised immunity 


 AHF RPM Programme 

Recent developments in connected health technology provide an opportunity to remotely monitor and provide health care to the patient needing long-term medical care. 

AHF Remote patient monitoring system can help in long term medical care by enabling us to monitor patients outside conventional clinical settings using technology and digital devices, especially for those patients with chronic conditions and in need long-term medical care.


With recent advances in the use of internet, smart mobile phones and computers, and along with increased digital literacy globally, the prospect for patient monitoring outside traditional clinical set up by using digital devices has become a possibility. This process is conceptualized as ‘connected health’, since it provides a model for health management where patients and physicians are connected by means of timely monitoring, sharing and presentation of accurate and pertinent information regarding patient status through smarter use of data, technology and communication platforms. 

To learn more about AHF Remote Patient Monitoring Programme and how it can help you stay on top of your health at all times, contact us. 

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